Gangs or Cliques???


Comment by Tavis Smiley, Host of BET Tonight:

something to think about...

Thanks to the Littleton tragedy, I now understand the difference between a clique and a gang. If you're a young Asian, Hispanic, or Black male and feeling hated, unwanted and not included, you leave your home in the projects or ghetto every day to "hook up" with your group of friends who feel the same way you do so you can go out in the streets and beat up or kill someone in a similar group but wearing different colors, carjack unsuspecting drivers, and possibly do drugs - then you belong to a GANG. If, however, you're a young White male and not feeling included because you're not on the football, baseball, or soccer teams, you pull on your black trenchcoat, leave your room in your upper middle-class neighborhood and home - where you've just gotten off your PC reading and spewing hate and join your

buddies and proceed to plant bombs in a school full of children and adults then systematically and cold-bloodedly kill fifteen people and wound countless others as you laugh and spew hate and racial slurs - then you belong to a CLIQUE!"