How to Sing Well as A Beginner

How to sing well? It is the natural question of beginner and amateur singers and we are going to give you here the clear elements to achieve it. You will see how singing well includes both recovering control of your own instrument and learning vocal technique to get the most out of it. So your voice will grow and beautify. This way you will gain more musicality, rhythm and grace when singing.

Recover a healthy voice that responds well to you

How to sing well if your voice does not respond well to you? The vast majority of us start by pulling a little or a lot on the throat and the vocal cords : there will never be a quality voice there and singing well and very well will always be for tomorrow. This is due to our breathing, which has become shorter over the years and the challenges and stresses of this life: where you breathe is where you can get power and harmonics when singing. If you breathe short, you will forcibly pull your throat… This is why it is key to learn how to breathe well to sing better.

Here you discover how to sing better happens by stopping pulling on the throat and starting to use the whole body more. There your breathing is freed and new sensations come to you in your body and new sonorities in your voice. The balance of your highs and lows is balanced throughout the spectrum of your voice and you gain ease in reaching your natural highs: the tensions of the high zone (shoulders, neck, jaws, and skull) are the #1 brake on your highs. When this relaxes you find that you can go through the highs much more easily and with a fuller, more covered sound.

This first step of regaining a healthy voice by not pulling on the vocal cords is unfortunately eluded in many modern singing schools, where techniques and techniques are thrown on top of an unresponsive instrument. It’s a shame because it’s the key to how to project your voice efficiently.

Work on your vocal technique

Everything is now aligned and ready to work on the most subtle aspects of vocal technique. In this step you will already have very solid foundations and you can integrate new tools and techniques to work on the different aspects of how to sing well. The main ones are:

  • power
  • address
  • roundness
  • harmonic richness and chromatic balance
  • musicality
  • brilliance
  • agility
  • interiority
  • laterality

There technique and musicality come together, as in a very beautiful and intense dance that will leave you very happy as well as those who listen to you. Because singing well is singing happily: in this way every pore of your skin opens and lets the vibration enrich the sound of your voice. This way you can let the music flow and discover the most important goal of a good singer: to notice that somehow you don’t sing but the music sings to you.