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Private classes of singing and vocal technique in the south of Detroit, Michigan.

Learn quickly and efficiently.

Services as a teacher for singing and vocal technique classes in the south of Detroit, Michigan.

  • -You will learn everything you need to sing well.
  • -The Vocal Technique is something very specific that is rather associated with internal body work to be able to open the throat and make the voice sound free and with all its richness to allow us to sing everything we want, because we have developed with time and effort a great range of register (in number of notes), plus a very powerful and rich musical sound.
  • -You will have a recording studio in case you want to record.
  • -Singing lessons to prepare for the casting of OT, factor x, the voice or Got talent? Then try our methods to learn vocal technique. Economical and effective classes that will make you advance quickly.

If you want to call you can write down our phone and make any query to request a quote.