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Artistic Production

In addition to the technical production, if you only have some lyrics, or a song with voice and accompaniment but you want to develop it, we can carry out the task of artistic production by preparing musical arrangements that enrich the project.

At Cyber Krib – Detroit Rap Studio we have the support of numerous Backing Band musicians, so that once the arrangements are defined during the layout process, they can finish the job by embodying those ideas in the final recording.

Composition to Order

If you know how to sing but you don’t have the possibility to compose, we can carry out the entire composition and recording process so that you only have to concentrate on singing. Reggae, Ska, Soul, Funk, House, Disco… black and rhythmic music is our passion but if your path goes in another direction, we have different collaborators who dominate other genres and we can rely on them to get what you are looking for.