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If you wish, you can send us your mixes, or mastering, and we will listen to them. We will return our opinion to you in a detailed report, in this way you will be able to have a second opinion and thus make the corrections that you consider appropriate.

Many studios or producers do not have a full range listening system where you can listen to the lowest frequencies, so it is common, for example, to listen to records with an excess of sub-bass.

We have several listening systems, among which we highlight our three-way ATC, or our Sennheiser HD800 headphones, so that we can be your ears online.

We will be able to propose advanced mixing and mastering techniques with which you can improve and learn for future projects and not make the same mistakes again.

We will help you select, at our discretion, the one that we think is the best tool for your mixing and mastering problems.

Educational visits

At the beginning it started as something punctual, but there are already several technological institutes that have visited us. We show the facilities, explain our activity, carry out physical experiments and talk about music and its industry. It’s usually a lot of fun.