Mixing Studio Music - Free photo on Pixabay

Our task is to achieve the best result, working side by side with you and thus achieve the perfect balance between your idea and our professional capacity, so that your mix sounds great.

If you can’t get your project to take shape, we can help you with the mixes. We have a great team commanded by our 48-channel Allen & Heath ML5000 to give your projects that power, clarity and warmth that you are looking for.

  • Tube Tech CL1B: Great opto-compressor.
  • Focusrite Red 3: Dual VCA compressor, a ’95 unit, with step potentiometers, and input and output transformers.
  • Joemeek SC3: Stereo Optical Compressor.
  • TF Pro P38: stereo compressor with emulation of several classic compressors.
  • Dbx 162sl: Dual VCA compressor with limiter.
  • Studio electronics c2s: Double compressor based on the Urei 1176 with Neve 1272 type line amplifier. Jensen and Sowter transformers.
  • 2x SPL Transpessor: Very fast compressor with redesigned transient designer.
  • 2x SPL kultube: Stereo compressor with variable timbre.
  • Anthony di Maria scl 1500: Valve opto-compressor based on the LA2A.
  • Drawmer 1960 modified: Double compressor with a lot of character.
  • 2x Drawmer DS201: Classic noise gates.
  • SPL Dynamaxx: Invisible compression.