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What is Mastering?

Mastering is the process located between the mixing phase and the publishing phase. It is therefore the right time to apply those last touches that are capable of taking the work to where you had imagined.
In principle, you work on an LR file, that is, on the mix, although there is the possibility of processing semi-open architecture mixes in what is known as Stems mastering.

What does loudness war mean?

We are currently in a chaotic situation as a result of the disorganization that has immersed us in a race in search of greater and greater volume.
Our recommendation is to base yourself on the parameters established by Bob Katz as we consider them quite accurate.

What is the equipment of Euridia with which you carry out the mastering?

In both worlds we have the best equipment on the market. Our analog processing chain has a total of 30 Tubes, and the digital processing is carried out at 48Bit resolution in our two Powercore 6000s and up to 64Bit in some of our native programs.